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May 17, 2021

Guys! This is our LAST topic of the season! I know, it came up on us, much like a hungry oversized capuchin monkey sneaks up on the docile emu. Bet you didn't know they did that, did ya? No, don't google it, just trust me. Anyway, this week we go aaaaallllll the way back to the beginning to talk again about body image, but this time we brought our good friend William in to get a more male impression on the subject. While the body positivity movement started for a certain demographic, we've got to admit that our society makes judgers of us all. But everything about our health, physically and mentally, starts with our perception of ourselves. And guess what? You're worthwhile, and valuable, and whole. Alright, enough with the sappy sap, go on and give the episode a listen! There's only one more, you know! *cue tears*


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