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May 10, 2021

What's up ding dongs? You missed us huh? Yeah I know you did you needy bitches. Well, you're in luck! We're back to tell you about our findings with this mindfulness biz. You want to learn how to make shiz happen in your life? De-stress? Be a better more productive person at peace? We're going to tell you how! Get ready for the realness!!! This week has hosts Courtney and Alissa going over how their challenge went. They talk about how kids these days are so distracted (it's us, we're kids) and how important it is to try to rid yourself of those bad habits of always checking out of life and instead zoning out on your phone. 


Apologies in advance, we recorded in Courtney's new and empty apartment, which is very echoey. Live and learn, right??

Did you take part in the challenge? Let us know on Instagram or Facebook @smilinghtroughtheconfusion to tell us how it went! DM us anytime with any questions, comments, or ideas for new episodes. We'd love to hear from you!